Wayne's Flame

Catering and Bulk meat orders

About us

We at Wayne's Flame Barbecue Catering do barbecue the old fashioned way. We do not cut any corners. We apply our special rub and/or seasoning techniques to every order. We do not short cut the time the meat stays in the pit either. People have become used to the bland barbecue they currently get at most restaurants which has to be covered in sauce. When they taste ours they are literally blown away. Even though we also provide a great tasting home made barbecue sauce, most people eat the meat with no sauce and use the sauce to dip their rolls or other type of bread.


Our story



            I, the owner/operator of the company, started practicing this art form over 35 years.

                                               We started Wayne’s Flame Catering to expand the delivery and enjoyment of this product

                                               to as many people as possible.


                                               We are now specializing in bulk meat sales (see the meat description for each type of meat).


                                               We are also constructing a pavilion that you can rent for your events and celebrations.


                       We love working fund-raising events for schools and non-profit organizations to help them

                                               achieve their goals by offering a quality product.


                     For events on your chosen location, we can bring our concession trailer and serve directly

                 from the window. Or we can setup tables inside or outside. We usually serve something

                            like Chopped Beef, Pulled Pork, Sliced Beef sandwiches, Sausage on a Stick, Sliced Beef Sliders,

                                               Smoked Turkey Sliders and Sausage sandwiches. Most clients pick two or three items.

                                               We also do vegetables like, Asian Cole Slaw, Cilantro Beans, and potato salad.

                                               Chips and drinks are always available. One of our most requested items is our

                                               Not Your Ordinary Nachos.  Hickory smoked brisket or another meat, tops a melty, gooey, mound

                                               of cheese and chips, all drizzle with our signature barbeque sauce.


                        For catered events, we do ribs, brisket, whole turkeys, turkey breast, ham, chicken, sausage,

                                               hamburgers, hotdogs(large and all beef Kosher), turkey legs,

                                               pork shoulder, pork tenderloin and links.
                                               We have a full line of vegetables and if you have a preferred choice that is currently not on the menu,

                                               if it is feasible, we will add it to the menu