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Wayne’s Flame Testimonies

Great experience ordering terrific meat dishes from Wayne’s Flame.  Turkey, Ham, or Ribs, you will be delighted!  My personal favorite:  Ribs. The service is really special.  You cannot go wrong with this company.  Once you order from them, you will return again and again.

Phyllis Boudreaux, a satisfied customer


Wayne's Flame has cooked for me multiple times and it’s ALL been wonderful.  He and Awanda, his wife, are great cooks.  Wayne's ham is "to die for":  the brisket is so so so good: vegetables are available on order and boy are they great.  I ordered green beans for a large luncheon say about 50 people. The first time I did not order enough because they went in such a hurry.  The next time I ordered twice as much and still very little left over.  What I am saying is no matter what you order, you can count on it being raved about.  Really great food!!

Jodie Ferris


When my daughter, who loves bbq, was planning her birthday party, her first request was, "Can we please order Wayne's Flame?!?"  Wayne makes great smoked meats that smell amazing!!! 



You can’t ever get tired of Wayne Flame BBQ, but if you are looking for a change, try his smoked turkey.  It’s delicious.  No matter which you choose, it will be fantastic!



We love Wayne’s Flame Thank you so much for doing such a great job at catering our wedding.  We wanted great, tasty food and we got just that.  Everyone loved it.  We received excellent feedback from our guest, family, and friends. Thanks for being a great asset in our wedding.

Signed 9-1-12 by Tamara & Rickey Starks


Awanda and Wayne are great to work with. Their food is fantastic and they are always professional and pleasant. Everyone was always pleased with their offerings. And their peach tea is out of this world!

Jason and Jamie Brown

Pop-Up Market


If you want food that has been nursed to perfection, go to Wayne's Flame!! They have that old fashioned slow cooked flavor that melts in your mouth and it's seasoned just right!!

Sharon Dixon

“The best Ribs I have ever eaten”

Brian Betts